At some point, it wasn’t much fun anymore


pixelled and animated a little thing of my character being scared in a creepy forest





Smiile for me Kankrii

most common headcanon: every Vantas looks mad no matter what

shhhhHHHH hh              late night redraws of anothers art

shhhhHHHH hh              late night redraws of anothers art

The name of the game is guess the theme. Guess it and you win a nice surprise


Anooother one.
This one is dedicated to Nediśpie 
And now I will take care of my personal pieces. 

At what point can you feel alright telling a friend that their art could improve tremendously by just working on a few anatomical details?

figured i’d post this. The last nonhomestuck thing i drew. I love drawing OC’s hah

Its my friends OC for a Supernatural RP we have going. Her name is Josephine.


This is my second design for the welovefine Homestuck contest. It would mean the world to me if you voted for me [here]

JFC ON MY laptop every color is dark as heck but on my desktop all the colors are waaaaaaaayy brighter. It kinda pissed me off a bit  but i have all the setting as high as they can go. Ugh. Tho somethings do come out looking cool.

Could i request some hot Dolorosa? i'd really love that

here’s some “hot” dolorosa 4 u anon. I tried my best

Could i get some fluffy KatNep?


Karkat doesn’t look angry enough in this

eewcolors are nasty